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Dr. Diane L. Krasner
Dr. George T. Rodeheaver
Dr. R. Gary Sibbald
Dr. Kevin Y. Woo

Welcome to Chronic Wound Care 5

Welcome to the Fifth Edition of Chronic Wound Care
Edited by Diane L. Krasner, George T. Rodeheaver, R. Gary Sibbald and Kevin Y. Woo

The Chronic Wound Care book series is generally considered the gold standard for wound care textbooks. Over the past 23 years, each new edition has brought you the latest educational and clinical information, from a who’s who of wound care thought-leaders.
The theme of the fifth edition of Chronic Wound Care (CWC5) — International Interprofessional Wound Caring — reflects the editor’s personal experiences that the problems faced by people with chronic wounds are universal. These include; limited access to quality wound care teams; lack of availability of products, devices, and resources; and poor quality of life and lack of social support.

The new wound care paradigm prompts us to be evidence-informed and to strive for improved health outcomes by:
• Developing International Interprofessional Wound Caring (IIWC)
• Addressing concerns of people with chronic wounds and their circles of care
• Creating wound care processes — from assessment to health delivery systems
• Translating wound care strategies — from principles to practice to outcomes

The 23 chapters in volume 1 of CWC5 are arranged in 4 sections corresponding to the 4 above-identified themes. Each chapter has a section number and a chapter number (eg, 1.2 is Section 1 Chapter 2). Chapters in this edition model IIWC with international and interprofessional co-authors, who have collaborated to give the readers multiple perspectives on each topic. Your challenge is to translate this information to your practice setting, to optimize interprofessional collaboration, and to improve your outcomes for people with chronic wounds.

We hope CWC5 will inspire you to meet this challenge!


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